Chris studied at university in Southampton and moved to this area when he graduated. He now works as an project engineer. Chris lives in Welwyn Garden City with his wife Sarah and two young sons and baby daughter.
What are your main responsibilities within KCC?
I lead the PA team in providing and operating sound equipment for Sunday meetings
and other events. I also lead a community group with my wife Sarah and I am a trustee.
How long have you been a part of KCC?
In 2007 I got a job in the area and e mailed a number of churches looking for accommodation. I am very grateful to a few KCC stalwarts for allowing me to lodge in
those early weeks and, although I had every intention to visit a number of local churches
KCC quickly became my home.
How did you become a Christian?
I grew up with Christian parents, so church has always been part of my life. However it
wasn't until Soul Survivor when I was 18 that my eyes were truly opened. I met loads of Christians who were serious and excited about their faith and began to see God quite differently. This all culminated when J John in his message asked "Where is God in your
car? Is He in the boot and you get Him out once a week? Is He in the rear passenger
seat or even in the front passenger seat but you're retaining control of the car? Is He in
the driving seat but you're directing? Or is He driving and you're going where He's taking
you?" That night I was baptised in the Spirit.
How long have you been a Christian?
It was gradual for me so I'm not sure, but it was in 2003 that I was first baptised in the
What do you do to relax?
Watching a good comedy, be it stand up, panel shows or drama.
What is your earliest childhood memory?
One summer when I was three we stayed in a gite in Brittany where there was a red
pedal car. My memory of it is very faint but apparently I loved it!
What is your ideal holiday destination?
A tropical island, if money was no object, but for now I'm enjoying UK destinations with
Sarah and the family.
What is your favourite film?
I'm one of those people who's not at all fussed about films, so I don't have a favourite.
What is your favourite takeaway?
Generally it's Indian, however there's a great Thai & Malay takeaway round the corner
from us in Welwyn Garden City.