Dom is married to Liz and they have two school aged children. They have been part of KCC for over ten years and lived in Hatfield nearly as long. Dom works for KCC having previously worked as a teacher in a local primary school.
What are your main responsibilities within KCC?
As one of the elders, I oversee a number of areas in church life including our midweek
groups - community groups. I love doing anything pastoral and am responsible for our
new members' course 'The Starting Point' and discipleship development. I regularly meet
up with people to mentor them in their walk with God.
I am also involved in a number of local groups which are seeking to bless the town and
love Hatfield.
How long have you been a Christian?
A long time! I don't remember a specific moment when I said "Yes" to Jesus. This used
to bother me but now I realise that it is God's grace that I have always known Him.
During my teenage years, my faith began to have an increasing impact on my life and
was notably strengthened at university when I was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first
What do you do to relax?
I enjoy watching films, taming my garden, swimming and spending time with friends and family – though not all at the same time! I have also been known to put on some jazz, pick
up a book and sample a glass of red wine.
What is your favourite film?
I like most films that have some good action especially science-fiction - those that
involve "boldly going where no-one has gone before" and superhero movies - those with people in bright costumes and superpowers defending the world from baddies.
What is your favourite takeaway?
Now that is a tough one! I love so many different sorts of food. However, I tend to opt for Chinese because there is a Chinese takeaway place just around the corner from us.