Phil came to Hertfordshire to study radiography at university and is now a radiographer. Louise grew up in St Albans before going away to Plymouth for university. Phil and Louise got married in 2009 and have three small children.
What are your main responsibilities within KCC?
Phil and Louise lead a community group, Phil preaches
How long have you been a part of KCC?
Phil - KCC since 2005
Louise - since 2002, not including going to university.
How did you become a Christian?
Phil - The penny dropped.
Louise - Through a Christian family, seeing how much God has looked after me through different things
How long have you been a Christian?
Phil - Since 2001
Louise - Not sure! (there wasn't a penny dropped moment)
What do you do to relax?
Phil - Watch TV, play drums.
Louise - Reading, knitting and swimming
What is your earliest childhood memory?
Phil - The storm of 1989.
Louise - Getting a toy pram as a Christmas present when I was about 6.
What is your ideal holiday destination?
Phil - Skiing in the Alps
Louise - New Zealand.
What is your favourite film?
Phil - Gladiator
Louise - Pearl Harbour
What is your favourite takeaway?
Both - Chinese