Rachel was born in the channel island of Guernsey and lived there up until she came to Herts university. A Newfrontiers girl through and through, she found a home and lots of connections in KCC. Not wanting to leave the church and the area when she graduated, she now lives in Hatfield and works as a midwife.
What are your main responsibilities within KCC?
I jointly lead the youth group Elevate at KCC, and am part of the worship team
How long have you been a part of KCC?
I joined KCC back in 2012 when I started at Herts uni.
How did you become a Christian?
I grew up in a Christian family and asked to become a Christian at the age of five; but would say I truly understood things and gave my life fully to God at a youth camp having seen God do some miraculous things and speaking personally to me when I was thirteen,
I got baptised the same summer!
What is your favourite film?
Tough one. I love a corny dance movie, the classic rom-com types and period drama, probably Becoming Jane or The Notebook!
What is your ideal holiday destination?
Usually somewhere hot and sunny near the beach, but I love to explore and try new
things in different surroundings and I think I would enjoy most places with good company!
What is your favourite takeaway?