Rose grew up in St Albans, then moved away and taught in various schools including teaching missionaries' children in Rwanda. Rose moved back to St Albans in 2004 and is now a special needs teacher in a local secondary school.
What are your main responsibilities within KCC?
Leading a community group, organising a book club and helping with the church
How long have you been a part of KCC?
Over 10 years
How did you become a Christian?
On a children's camp. I knew I had an emptiness in me. They explained that Jesus died
for all the wrong things we had done and how He wanted to be a part of every aspect of
our lives.
How long have you been a Christian?
Since I was 10 years old
What do you do to relax?
Garden, read and be with friends
What is your earliest childhood memory?
Being in hospital at the age of 2 and refusing to lie down for them to give me the
What is your ideal holiday destination?
Sydney, Cape Town or anywhere friends recommend!!
What is your favourite film?
'Pride and Prejudice' BBC version
What is your favourite takeaway?