In 1995 two couples, after many years at a Baptist Church, felt God calling them to more experience of the Holy Spirit. They felt God powerfully confirm this to them whilst they were on holiday in Canada together. Dave and Anj Martin and John and Valerie Telford left the Baptist Church at the end of 1995, and during 1996 sought God's guidance on Friday evenings, through prayer and Bible study. Another couple joined them, and they also visited other churches to network and see what God was doing.

Eventually, others asked to come along and a small group formed. In early 1997, towards the end of the Balkan war, the three leaders took two large vans of aid to Belgrade, Serbia. The church's name: The King's Community Church emerged when visa applications for the trip requested the name of the organisation. The group grew and also started to meet on Sunday mornings, still in Dave and Anj's back room. KCC also commenced the process of moving into association with Newfrontiers, and joined the Evangelical Alliance.

At Easter 1999, the church moved to meet in Verulam School in St Albans, initially in the library, and later in the school hall. As the years went on, the original leaders increasingly felt the need for someone more experienced to come alongside and lead the church. They sought the help of Newfrontiers in this quest, and, following some clear prophetic directing, David Rigby came from Brentwood in October 2002,with his wife, Jacky, and their family, and became the church's first full time leader.

David brought with him his growing ministry into Russia and links to South Africa. This helped to broaden the church's outlook and gives opportunity to serve abroad. Garry and HIromi Yee also came at this time, bringing with them a strong heart for reaching the nations. Garry has led several teams, not just to Russia, but also to other countries in eastern and western Europe. Later on, Dom and Liz Long and their family also moved over from Brentwood to support David and the leadership here.

Over ther years the church continued to grow and reach out to the people in St Albans, and there were several successful Alpha courses, and regular baptisms. Two major thrusts in the church's ministry and goals also began to develop at this time. Firstly we began to realise that there were increasing numbers of students joining us and transport rotas from the university in Hatfield became a feature of Sunday mornings; and secondly, David and Jacky's vision of a multi-national and multi-racial church began to be a reality.

In 2005, Dave Martin, John Telford and Garry Yee became elders alongside David Rigby, thus fulfilling the Biblical mandate for church leadership. This marked a definite feeling that the church had come to a place of established maturity where God continued to guide and give His presence.

Only a couple of years later, in early summer 2007, the eldership found themselves having to weigh and test several prophetic words and input from different sources, all pointing to a re-basing of the church. By now the membership was coming from not just St Albans, but also Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. God was powerfully directing us to move our Sunday meeting to Hatfield. After three once-a-month meetings in the Comet Hotel in Hatfield - and no-one who was there will forget those! - the elders confirmed we were moving. Now it would be St Albans people commuting on Sunday mornings!

The move was a success, with further growth, especially among students and twenties, and a further expansion of nationalities represented. We still draw from, and serve, the three places, and continually pray for more people to know Jesus in the whole area.

In August 2009 Dom Long joined the eldership, adding his pastoral, evangelistic and administrative gifts to the team. During these years many students have been with us during their time at university, and some have stayed on as God has called them into a longer term commitment. Some have even found the love of their lives here!

We would love to see the church in its own building, and that would be the fulfillment of many prophetic words to us, but we are still meeting in Onslow St Audrey's School, where we started after a few months at the Comet Hotel. Other things change, however. We have seen more nationalities in our church, more baptisms - recently in Onslow School itself as part of Sunday morning -and more evangelism. We have particularly focused on the opportunities provided by Council events and Dom is chairman of one of the Hatfield town committees, to reach the people of Hatfield.

In March 2013, Dave Martin and John Telford stepped down from eldership. Having led the church from the beginning, it was a joyful and tearful occasion! They now fulfil a more 'fathering' role, continuing to have a consultative focus. John also stays on as chairman of the church's trustees. Accompanying this, we are actively seeking new leaders and want to see every area of church life effectively led and pioneering still.

Sometimes in church life you are called to give away your best! And so it was that in 2015 Garry and Hiromi left us to pursue God's call to China, and they are now settled in the city of Ningbo near Shanghai. Garry was not just an elder, but led our musicians wonderfully and took teams abroad supporting churches in the Newfrontiers family in other nations. Their departure left a big hole to fill, and great opportunities for the growth of many others in the church as they step up to fill the gaps.

Major change came in 2016. In the autumn, David stepped down from leading the church and passed that role on to Dom. We feel it is very much a case of passing on the baton. Anil Mathes and Jonathan Killen were appointed as elders in February 2017 and joined Dom and David on the eldership team.

During 2017 KCC celebrated 20 years as a church.

So that's the story so far! Praise God we never run out of horizons with Him, and we are committed to seeing KCC make an impact in all three places and further afield into the nations.