KCC is a reformed, charismatic and mission minded church.
We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance and therefore agree with the Alliance's statement of faith.

For the full Evangelical Alliance statement of faith click here.

For those who don't want to plough through that, here are some simpler summaries of our key beliefs.

  • the Trinity
  • Jesus
  • God the Father
  • the Holy Spirit
  • the Bible
  • the Church
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity - or three persons in one person - is a wonderful and awesome thing to consider and never fully grasp!
The Son of God, who, in obedience to the Father's plan, left the glory of heaven and came to our world, conceived by the Holy Spirit, borne by a young virgin girl, lived the perfect life, and then gave Himself up to death on a cross, carrying the penalty due to us, in order that, through His resurrection and ascension He might be the first born of a new people who follow after Him - Christians.
Our Father, in heaven, the one who planned it all; to release us from our captivity to our nature, our culture and the enemy Satan. The one who gave His Son up to humanity in order to make our adoption into His family possible.
The power of God on the earth and in His people. A person, not a ghost! The implementer of salvation in the individual, our companion, our life-giver and strength, who teaches us in our spirits what is godly and good. The bringer of spiritual gifts to energise and enhance our lives, and to bring honour to Jesus in every possible way.
The revelation of how things are from God's perspective, as He reveals Himself through history, prophecy and the birth of the church age in the pages of these books that make up the Bible. Writers, inspired by the Holy Spirit, give us the truth about the world, salvation and how to live as Christians. That is why we take it to be the definitive authority for our beliefs.
It is the focus of God's interaction with mankind. It is a community of people made up from every nation and ethnic group worldwide amongst whom the Holy Spirit is active and powerful, prompting our worship and delivering the Father heart of God to His people. It is an institution of relationship not of rules, a place for people to be intimately connected together and with their God. It functions as family, caring for one another, and as a missional tool, reaching out to the world with the good news of the gospel. It is incomparably the most important institution on earth. History will not cease to be made until the Church is complete.