Join us on Sundays, the heart of what happens
in KCC!

King's Community Church meets on Sunday morning at 10:30am in Onslow St Audrey's School in Hatfield. We are very informal and relaxed; most people who come to KCC on Sundays will be dressed casually and will feel free to sit or stand at various points in the meetings, depending on their preference.
There is a time of worship and a talk based on the Bible, both lasting about 45 minutes.
The children have their own activities which start at 11am and last until the end of the meeting and our youth meet every other week during the sermon. The meeting usually finishes at about 12.30pm. Afterwards we enjoy chatting over tea and coffee.

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For more information about KCC, please contact our church offices.

phone: 01707 256100



Do I need to be a Christian to come?
No! You'll find people who come to KCC are all
in different places on their faith journey, so don't
feel you have to be a Christian to fit in.
Can I bring my children?
Yes, of course. On Sunday mornings there is a creche for preschool children and babies and KingsKids for primary school aged children.
What about teenagers?
Our youth group 4D meets on Sunday mornings during the talk, and sometimes midweek and for socials.
Is there a dress code?
No come as you are. Some like to dress up, others down. We come as we are before God together with our friends.
Do I have to give money?
Giving financially is part of our worship but it is
for those who consider KCC their home and
want to contribute to the family.
Will I meet people like me?
All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and of all kinds of ages come to KCC, so you're bound to find some people you click with.
How long will the meeting last?
Usually about two hours. There will be worship, preaching and news and then afterwards tea
and coffee. Feel free to come for part of the meeting if that would suit you.
I'm hard of hearing, is there a hearing loop?
Yes there is a hearing loop.
I'm disabled, is there wheelchair access?
Yes, we meet in a school that has wheelchair access.
I have lots of other questions
Come along and chat to the welcome team or contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.