You have found a church that would love to see you, whatever your circumstances or background. We are people with a passion to encourage one another as we reach for what God has for our lives – to quote Jesus: “to have life and to have it abundantly.”

There are loads of ways to get started if you are new to KCC, join us on Sunday for our main meeting or you can come along to one of our mid week meetings. Click on the links below for more information.

For more information about KCC, please contact our church offices.

phone: 01707 256100

Do I need to be a Christian to come?
No! You’ll find people who come to KCC are all in kinds of different places on their faith journey, so don’t feel you have to be a Christian to fit in
What denomination is KCC?
KCC is part of Newfrontiers - a group of over 1000 churches in over 70 nations.
I'm not religious, I won't fit in?
Great, neither are we. Religion is about a set of rules whereas we believe in a living relationship with Jesus.
Will I meet people like me?
All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and of all kinds of ages come to KCC, so you’re bound to find some people you click with.
Can I bring my children?
Yes, of course. On Sunday mornings there is a crèche for preschool children and babies and KingsKids for primary school aged children.
I have lots of other questions
Come along and chat to the welcome team or contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.