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KCC culture - courage:
We will always be ready to take steps of faith
Every group of people has a culture whether it is intentional or not.
A sermon looking at KCC's culture traits
Dom Long | 12th June 2016 | KCC culture - courage part 1
To boldy go where Jesus has gone before
A sermon looking at having the courage to be bold.
Dom Long | 19th June 2016 | KCC culture-courage part 2 | Hebrews 12:1,2
Nigel and Cheryl Clark share stories of courage from their life.
Nigel Clark | 26th June 2016 | KCC culture-courage part 3
How will you be courageous?
A sermon looking at Joshua's example of courage
Dom Long | 17th July 2016 | KCC culture-courage part 4 | Joshua 1: 1-9
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