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One of the great occasions of God's presence.

David Rigby | 5th May 2019 | His presence part 1 | Exodus 33:12-23

Be still and know that God is God. We consider what this means, why we should and how we can.

Dom Long | 12th May 2019 | His presence part 2 |Psalm 46:10

Praise brings His presence, for it is His grace that has brought us near. His presence causes us to fall in worship as we are surrounded by His power.

David Rigby | 19th May 2019 | His presence part 3 |2 Chronicles 5&6

A look at the life of Isaiah and how his vision in Isaiah 6 shaped him, his view of God, and his commission to bring God's presence.

Jonathan Killen | 26th May 2019 | His presence part 4 |Isaiah 6

Wonder of God leads to worship of Him and worship of God leads to wonder of Him - a virtuous circle! We consider a variety of ways we might be filled with wonder of God and how we might respond in worship of Him.

Dom Long | 2nd June 2019 | His presence part 5 |Exodus 33:7-11

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