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The drumbeat of KCC - the values we march to. A fresh look at KCC's vision and values. The series ran for six weeks during autumn 2013.
A dwelling place for God through the Spirit.
What is our calling?
Playing our part in God's plan to build the church and reach the ends of the earth for Him

David Rigby | 29th September 2013 | our drum beat part 1 | Matthew 28:16-20
Is a good life enough?
What does it mean to be a Christian?

Peter preached at Pentecost - how did he describe a Christian?.

David Rigby | 6th October 2013 | our drum beat part 2 | Acts 2:22-24, 36-41

Amazing grace!
Do we really appreciate our salvation?

Looking at an Old Testament story to illustrate our salvation.

David Rigby | 13th October 2013 | our drum beat part 3 | 1 Samuel 11: 1-11

Walking in the Spirit!
Are you nullifying the grace of God?

Galatians talks about beginning in the Spirit and not coming again under law.

David Rigby | 20th October 2013 | our drum beat part 4 | Galatians 2: 20 - 3:5

Influence of the world out - influence of the word in!
Are you acting on what you hear?

How do we value word and worship?

Robin Jefferson-Jones | 27th October 2013 | our drum beat part 5

People on a mission to love one another and affect the world
Why is it so important to be a community?

The what, why and how of being a community of disciples.

Dom Long | 10th November 2013 | our drum beat part 6

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