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In Matthew 6:9, Jesus teaches us to pray "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name." Here's a look at how heartfelt prayer is natural, intimate, and glorifying to God.
Darren Kistnasamy | 2nd February 2020 | Prayer part 1 | Matthew 6:10
The prayer that you never thought to pray
David Rigby | 9th February 2020 | Prayer part 2 | Matthew 6:10

We continue our series on Prayer. Today we consider "Asking". Why do we ask? What can we ask? How should we ask?
Dom Long | 16th February 2020 | Prayer part 3 | Matthew 6:11,12
Being led means listening
David Rigby | 23rd February 2020 | Prayer part 4 | Matthew 6:13

Praying together as a church family - the thrill and power of corporate prayer illustrated from the early church in Acts
David Rigby | 1st March 2020 | Prayer part 5 | Acts 4:23-31
Being still is an important part of prayer. Be still for adoration, for vision, for asking, for listening and be still together.

Dom Long | 16th March 2020 | Prayer part 5 | Psalm 46:10
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