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From time to time we break from our sermon series and preach stand alone messages.

These range from seasonal events, to baptisms, baby thanksgivings or vision talks.


2020 Vision: Seeing God more clearly
As we start 2020, God wants us to see Him more clearly. Here we consider reasons for why we might not see God clearly and what we can do about them.
Dom Long | 5th January 2020
He sent forth His son
The message of Christmas stretches from Abraham to Pentecost, and now, every year, it reachers into our lives!
David Rigby | 23rd December 2019

Baptism Sunday
Jesus is not the hero we deserve, but He is the one we need. Through baptism we celebrate that the Son of God stepped into our place and took our punishment so we could share in new life.
Robin Jefferson-Jones | 20th June 2019 | Baptisms

Guest service - Taste and see
Taste and see that the Lord is good. God wants us to experience His goodness

Sam Wilkes | 22nd September 2019

KCC - who we are and what we're about
We revisit the key things that make King's Community Church what it is in terms of our vision, values, goals and culture. We particularly consider how Our Vision - His Presence, Our Community, Their Hope - shapes what we do as a church and how we can each play our part in that.

Dom Long | 8th September 2019

God is with us - let Him be our vision!
Be still and know that I am God

Dom Long | 6th January 2019 | Psalm 46:1-11

Hear the Lord, believe and be blessed

David Rigby | 23rd December 2018 | Luke 1:26-55

Prayer vs

Jonathan Killen | 30th September 2018 | James 5:17 and 1 Kings 17,18,19

Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God

Dom Long | 9th September 2018 | Micah 6:6-8

Robin Jefferson-Jones | 17th June 2018 | Baptisms

Robin Jefferson-Jones | 1st April 2018 | Easter Sunday

Jesus' perspective is the glory to come

David Rigby | 25th March 2018 | John 13-17

Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God

Dom Long | 7th January 2018 | Micah 6:6-8

Fully God, fully man.

Dom Long | 3rd December 2017

Powerful prayer

Jonathan Killen | 1st October 2017

What do we gain from Jesus death and resurrection?

Robin Jefferson-Jones | 16th April 2017

Peter's preparation, promises and prospects

Jonathan Killen | 9th April 2017

Vision for 2017

Dom Long | 8th January 2017

How is your sense of direction?

David Rigby | 10th December 2016

How big is God?

Dom Long | 16th October 2016

The whys and hows of prayer

Dom Long | 25th September 2016

Contend for prayer

Dom Long | 18th September 2016

Encouragement for raising a family.

Dom Long | 24th July 2016 | Baby thanksgiving

A sermon looking at Joseph as an example of the kind of person God invests in.

Colin Hill | 10th July 2016 | Matthew 1: 18-25

A sermon looking at some of the reasons why we have communion
Owing to a problem with recording, the sound in this sermon drops out for a few seconds at around the 3 minute mark. We appologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Jonathan Killen | 3rd July 2016

Jesus brings ultimate joy!

Dom Long | Family service | 5th June 2016

It really happened!

Matt Cowen | Easter Sunday | 27th March 2016 |
1 Corinthians 15:3,4

What inspires us to go on?
Not ashamed of the gospel
David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 3rd January 2016
David Rigby | 13th December 2015 | Carol service
God loves family - it's His idea!
Dom Long | 27th September 2015 | Dedication Sunday
To see the powerpoint click here (a pop up window will appear)
The joy of parenting

David Rigby | Dedication | 30th August 2015

Faith grasps the evidence of the impossible
Faith grasps what God reveals

David Rigby | Easter Sunday | 5th April 2015

David Rigby | Carol Service | 14th December 2014

Are you wearing the right glasses?

David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 5th October 2014

"The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
The payment for sin is death but this has been paid by Jesus! We are forgiven!

Dom Long | 4th May 2014

It really happened!
Doubters were there from the beginning.

A sermon looking t how Luke's account of the resurrection answers the questions of the doubters.

David Rigby | Easter Sunday | 20th April 2014 | Luke 24

We aren't making cookies here! Do you fit in or stand out?

Garry Yee | 9th March 2014

David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 5th January 2014
David Rigby | Carol Service | 8th December 2013
David Rigby | Baptism Sunday | 12th May 2013
David Rigby | Easter Sunday | 31st March 2013
David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 6th January 2013
David Rigby | Christmas for everyone | 23rd December 2012
David Rigby | Carol Service | 9th December 2012
David Rigby | Dedications | 23rd September 2012
Garry Yee | 16th September 2012
David Rigby | Olympic torch relay day | 8th July 2012 Hebrews 12: 1-2
David Rigby | Queen's Diamond Jubilee | 3rd June 2012
David Rigby | Baptism Sunday | 27th May 2012

John Telford | 20th May 2012.

David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 1st January 2012.
Matt Cowen | Guest Service | 4th December 2011
Dom Long | 28th August 2011
Anil Mathes | 21st August 2011
John Telford | 7th August 2011
Dave Martin | 24th July 2011
Garry Yee | Easter Sunday | 24th April 2011
Phil Mayes | Easter Sunday | 4th April 2010
David Rigby | New year | 3rd January 2010
David Rigby | Christmas | 13th December 2009 | John 1:14
David Rigby | 12th July 2009 | Isaiah 43:5-7
Garry Yee | 5th July 2009
Garry Yee | 31st May 2009 | Luke 5:1-11
Garry Yee | Easter | 12th April 2009
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