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God is with us - let Him be our vision!

Dom Long | 6th January 2019 | Psalm 46:1-11

Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God

Dom Long | 7th January 2018 | Micah 6:6-8

Vision for 2017

Dom Long | 8th January 2017

What inspires us to go on?
Not ashamed of the gospel
David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 3rd January 2016
Persuing His presence!
The first key statement in KCC's vision
Isaiah 6:1-9 | David Rigby | 1st June 2014
Our community!
The second key statement in KCC's vision

Ephesians | Dom Long | 8th June 2014

Their hope!
The third key statement in KCC's vision

Garry Yee | 15th June 2014

David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 5th January 2014
A dwelling place for God through the Spirit.
What is our calling?

Playing our part in God's plan to build the church and reach the ends of the earth for Him.

Matthew 28:16 | David Rigby | 29th September 2013

David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 6th January 2013
David Rigby | Vision Sunday | 1st January 2012
David Rigby | New year | 3rd January 2010
David Rigby | 4th October 2009
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